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Automann Washer Fluid Pump Peterbilt HLK7046


Automann Washer Fluid Pump Peterbilt HLK7046


Automann Washer Fluid Pump Peterbilt HLK7046

MakeSeriesAdditional Information
KenworthT880 (No Year)
Peterbilt330 (No Year)
Peterbilt337 (No Year)
Peterbilt340 (No Year)
Peterbilt348 (No Year)
Peterbilt357 (No Year)
Peterbilt365 (No Year)
Peterbilt367 (No Year)
Peterbilt379 (No Year)
Peterbilt384 (No Year)
Peterbilt386 (No Year)
Peterbilt388 (No Year)
Peterbilt389 (No Year)
Peterbilt567 (No Year)
Peterbilt579 (No Year)

Cross Reference

NamePart NumberNotes
Behr104252Washer Fluid Pump
Behr104307Washer Fluid Pump
Paccar100079Washer Fluid Pump
Paccar600208SWasher Fluid Pump
Paccar600228SWasher Fluid Pump
PeterbiltT4695001Washer Fluid Pump


Additional information

Weight0.1 lbs
Dimensions3 × 2.4 × 1.9 in


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