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Automann ABS Sensor Straight Head Length 66in 577.A801543


Automann ABS Sensor Straight Head Length 66in 577.A801543

  • Paccar, Volvo, WS24 Type, Straight Head, 66.0in Harness, Standard 2 Pin Din Connector
  • Includes Sensor Clip and Grease


Automann ABS Sensor Straight Head Length 66in 577.A801543

Sensor AngleStraight
Plug Type2 Pin Din Type White Plug
Cable Length66”
MakeSeriesAdditional Information
KenworthT660 (No Year)
Peterbilt220 (No Year)
Peterbilt348 (No Year)
Peterbilt365 (No Year)
Peterbilt367 (No Year)
Peterbilt379 (No Year)
Peterbilt384 (No Year)
Peterbilt385 (No Year)
Peterbilt386 (No Year)
Peterbilt387 (No Year)
Peterbilt388 (No Year)
Peterbilt389 (No Year)
Peterbilt567 (No Year)
Peterbilt579 (No Year)
Peterbilt587 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVAH 200 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVAH 430 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVAH 630 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVHD 200 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVHD 430 AB & AF (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVNL 300 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVNL 430 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVNL 610 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVNL 630 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVNL 660 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVNL 670 Gen 2 (2003-2019) (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVNL 730 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVNL 780 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVNM 200 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVNM 430 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVNM 630 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVNX 300 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVNX 430 (No Year)
Volvo/WhiteVNX 630 (No Year)
Cross Reference
NamePart NumberNotes
Bendix065640ABS Sensor Kit
Bendix065711ABS Sensor Kit
Bendix300151ABS Sensor Kit
Bendix300151NABS Sensor Kit
Bendix300171ABS Sensor Kit
Bendix5001066ABS Sensor Kit
Bendix5006809ABS Sensor Kit
Bendix5010110ABS Sensor Kit
Bendix550759ABS Sensor Kit
Bendix550796ABS Sensor Kit
Bendix800111ABS Sensor Kit
Bendix801543ABS Sensor Kit
FreightlinerBW801543ABS Sensor Kit
IHCBX801543ABS Sensor Kit
Volvo/White3933880ABS Sensor Kit
Volvo/White85108686ABS Sensor Kit

Additional information

Weight0.3 lbs
Dimensions10.5 × 8.1 × 1 in


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